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1234axioms.net (Waves) Background

1234axioms.net (Waves)

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Title: 1234axioms.net (Waves) Artist: Adrian P. Patience Media: Ink, Pencil Crayons, Watercolour Paints on Paper, Moderate Computer Editing Year: 2011

Rationale: When I was by the shore of Lake Ontario the other day I threw a few stones into the water. This was something that I used to do as a kid, and it seems that it’s something that I still can’t resist doing as an adult. I’ve always been fascinated by the ripple effect/diffusion that occurs as the waves radiate out from the initial splash as the stones hit the water. I always thought that the patterns that emerge were aesthetically beautiful. As an adult I have more knowledge about waves and the science behind them. Having more knowledge about waves conjures up various thoughts in my mind regarding how waves affect all people in contemporary society on a quotidian basis. Waves are suffused throughout all of our modern technology/life: cell phones, telephones, computers, radio, wifi, microwave ovens, music, even hearing/vision (innate ability), etc… all rely heavily on waves oscillating at different frequencies. I find it remarkable that humans have devised methods and technologies for measuring, creating, and controlling waves. These thoughts and the childhood memories concerning the beauty of waves is what inspired me to create this artwork.

I believe that once an artwork is finished it stands on its own; the piece exists adjunct and distant from its creator. As more people view and reinterpret the artwork for themselves the subsequent distance between the work and the artist increases. With that being said…this piece can–obviously–be interpreted in many ways. I won’t influence you any further on how to view/read it. I will leave it up to you–the viewer–to decide for yourselves how you want to rationalise/elucidate this piece. I hope that you like and enjoy this artwork. ☺

*Copyright: 1234axioms.net (Waves) © Adrian P. Patience, 2011
This background (artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves) was created by Adrian P. Patience and may not be commercially reproduced without permission. This background(artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves) is provided free of charge(as is). You may download and use this background(artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves), and redistribute it provided that it is in its original (unmodified) form when it is redistributed. You can include this background(artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves) in an online background image gallery/web site provided that you:

1. Email me (Adrian P. Patience)† and inform me where and how the image will be used.
2. Include a link to this site (www.4axioms.net), or a link to the post (http://www.4axioms.net/?p=297) where the original artwork can be found.
3. Include my name (Adrian P. Patience) and the date that the artwork was created (July 2011), and reaffirm on your online gallery/web site in some way that Adrian P. Patience is the creator and copyrighted holder of the background entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves)
4. The image must not be modified or altered in any way, shape, or form.

*Derivative Works: If you want to create a derivative work from this background (artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves), please send me (Adrian P. Patience)† an email outlining how the image will be used, how much of the image will be used, and the context in which the image will be used. Also, understand that I have the right to refuse (for any reason) your using the background(artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves) in a derivative work.

*Note: With all of that having been said…I am a reasonable person. If you ask me first and your intentions are good, I most probably will not deny you the use of this background (artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves) for the purposes of creating a derivative work. By asking you are showing me that you have artistic/ethical integrity, and that you respect my work, time and effort, and intellectual property rights. If you think any of these Copyright/Derivative Works terms are unreasonable or unfair do not use/download the background (artwork, image) entitled 1234axioms.net (Waves).

†I can be contacted via email through the “Contact” section on this web site (www.4axioms.net) located in the right sidebar.

Posted July 6th, 2011

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