Four self-evident truths.


About Designer / Writer

Name: Adrian Patience Education: Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) OCAD University, 2009  Interests: Numerous (Please follow the blog and in time these will be revealed.)

About this Site

I believe in being a lifetime learner, and I want to learn and spread as much knowledge as I can while I’m still in existence. This is the primary reason for this site’s development. I was also motivated by the fact that most websites/blogs are very narrow in terms of the topics that are covered. I suppose the reason for this is that most people believe–and propagate the idea–that in order to have a successful website it must be specialized. With this I don’t agree.

When making a website that covers various subject matter some limitations must be applied or else all continuity will be lost–this website is no exception. Continuity is vital in order to preserve the aforementioned “high calibre of interesting content.” The limitation that I have devised for the purpose of adding continuity to this site is my own judgment. You–the audience–will have to have some confidence in my ability to choose subject matter that is tasteful, interesting, and thought-provoking. I hope that this will ultimately result in an aggregate of continuity between the heterogeneous content. Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project that is only in its infancy. I will take suggestions for new topics and subject matter. I encourage you to make suggestions.

With all of that being said…this will be primarily a review site of sorts. Book reviews will be a prominent feature of this site. I’m reluctant to mention these two points because I really don’t want to limit the direction of this site or its content. I read a lot of books so it makes sense to give you my two cents worth, but I don’t want this site to just be another book review site. Other types of reviews will also feature on this site, and all of the artwork will be original and done by me.  Perhaps it’s best if I just said that this site will deal with information about various subjects of my choosing.