Four self-evident truths.

Watson: AI and Human Intelligence

By Adrian Patience

I know that there are many other videos about Watson on Youtube that give more technical insight into how it actually functions, but I found the above video particularly interesting because it relates to human intelligence. As humans we tend to pick up on nonverbal cues like gesture, facial expression, and body language in order to add context to words that are being said to us. This allows us to interpret these words in order to derive further meaning and subsequently understanding from what is being said. Nonverbal cues tend to be best understood when we are directly engaged in a conversation with somebody. In this situation the nonverbal cues are of equal importance to what is being conveyed to us verbally as the conversation progresses irrespective of whether we are conscious of them or not.*

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Posted February 21st, 2011

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Internet Bandwidth Caps, Corporate Power, and Consumer Rights.

by Adrian Patience

While I want to maintain this site’s political neutrality, I think that this issue is just too important to ignore. If Canada wants its citizens to be increasingly competitive in the global community then these extra internet bandwidth charges must be eliminated. The two main internet service providers in Canada (Bell, and Rogers) would forsake Canada’s technological innovation/development in order to make even larger profits from their customers.

The CRTC, a government body which is supposed to regulate these matters, has complacently ruled in favour of the Canadian corporate telecommunications giants at the expense of the consumer. The ruling allows Bell and Rogers free rein to charge consumers whatever they want for internet bandwidth. To be fair the network communications infrastructure do belong to Bell and Rogers, and they feel that in order to maintain these networks and retain competitive advantage they have to recurrently charge the consumer more. However, with only two choices for the consumer/smaller ISPs(internet service providers) these companies have a monopoly on broadband internet service in Canada.*

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Posted February 1st, 2011

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iPad vs Books

I’ve been using the iPad for five months now, and I find it to be a very useful device. The video, apps, music, and the browser make it a worthwhile purchase. It’s really nice to have the internet at your fingertips without having to boot up your machine every time that you want to check out something on the net.

I have found that while many websites/blogs have reviewed the features mentioned above, I haven’t found a lot of salient information regarding the iPad and how it compares to paper books. Sure, everybody knows that you can download and read eBooks on the iPad, but its other features tend to eclipse the ebook experience. If, however, the ebook feature on the iPad is reviewed, it’s almost always compared and contrasted with Amazon’s Kindle. I have not seen anybody review the iPad’s efficacy as a reading device vis-a-vis actual paper books. Being an avid reader of paper books and now having had experienced reading on the iPad for five months, I think that it’s time I did a review of how the two compare.*

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Posted January 12th, 2011

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This is the official launch of this site. I first started this site on December 24, 2010, but I have been creating content and perfecting it since this time. This marks the first official post on this site.*

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Posted January 12th, 2011

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