Four self-evident truths.


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I’m not going to collect any information with regard to your IP address, or log files in order to make profit, sell it to third parties, or use it for any kind of illegal activities. Your IP address might be visible to me if you make a comment on this website, and a log file might be generated from the comment having been made. Your IP address and log files will be held in strict confidence. I will never disclose this information to a third party unless I’m presented with a valid court order from a legal entity. The web hosting company that I’m using (LaughingSquid) might also be able to collect and obtain this information. According to the information that I have found, logs will be deleted after 6 days. Please refer to their website (LaughingSquid.com) if this concerns you. This being a WordPress powered website; a small cookie will be stored on your computer if you post a comment. These “commenter” cookies will expire in slightly under a year from the time that they are set on your computer. If you are simply reading this website an x-mapping cookie will be set, and will expire at the end of your session. For Google Adsense DART cookies (see Google Adsense section below).

You can disable cookies that originate from websites and/or cookies from third-party websites in your web browser’s settings. Disabling cookies might affect how you are able to interact with this website–as related to “commenter” cookies that are mentioned above–and other websites on the internet. This might include–but is not limited to–not being able to log into certain accounts, forums, and web/internet based services.

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If you contact me using the contact page I will keep your email address private. I will never sell, redistribute, or do anything illegal with your email address. Your email address will be held in strict confidence.

Comments will be moderated by me. Anything that I deem hateful, slanderous, in bad taste, uses excessive profanity, or is generally inappropriate will not be posted. However, I’m very liberal when it comes to censorship and I will post most comments. If you are going to post something please make sure that it is in good taste and that it constructively adds to the conversation. Your comments are your own, and I will never violate your personal copyright by using your comments in anyway, shape, or form without your permission. I will never sell your comments to a third party for profit, or use your comments for anything illegal.

Google Adsense

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