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“Spring Twilight” by Adrian Patience (2007/2013)


This is a track that I made in 2007. The cover artwork I made just this year(2013). In 2007 I had been making a lot of beat driven electronic/hip hop music, and this track was a departure from the previously mentioned “beat driven electronic/hip hop music”. It was about me making a change from the pulse pounding beats to something that was more about music(chords) and percussion. I was motivated to make this track because I was listening to a lot of jazz/electronic music that had a lot of ambient soundscapes(Jan Jelinek, Pat Metheny, John Klemmer, to name a few). I wanted to test myself and skill set to see if I could make something that was not so much about the hi-hat/kick/snare combo pack. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the aforementioned “hi-hat/kick/snare combo pack”, but I felt I need a change to broaden my proverbial “horizons”.

I made the track completely with Logic Pro 7 on my old school Powerbook G4(still in use today). The Powerbook and Logic being the main composition/sequencing work horses. A midi keyboard, the Presonus Firebox 400 interface, a mixer, and a variety of software plugins were also used to breath some analog/digital life into this track.

I made the cover artwork a few days ago. It’s fully compliant with iTunes album cover sizing and is available to download here, and also by clicking on the image above.

Copyright © Adrian Patience 2007/2013, all rights reserved. With that being said, please feel free to download and share this track. Please keep the ID3 tags intact(unmodified), and distribute the track with the artwork. Also, Please link back to my SoundCloud page or this post. Using this track in a derivative work without permission is not acceptable; however, if you want to use this track in a project or derivative work please email, tweet, or contact me in some way so that we can discuss it(I’m reasonable). Bottom line…do the right thing!

Posted May 4th, 2013

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