Four self-evident truths.


The New 4 Axioms

1. There is no God.

2. Humans create their own reality.

3. The human race progresses by acquiring and disseminating knowledge and ideas.

4. Technology is the highest achievement of humanity.

These “new” 4 axioms are the result of about 1 year of thinking and no action. I had intended updating the axioms much sooner, but external circumstances and general lethargy prevented me from achieving this objective.

The previous 4 axioms served the web site well(and were generally a reflection of my thinking when I started the web site in 2010), but I have become concerned that perhaps their length and wordiness were distracting. Also, the more that I read the previous 4 axioms, they seemed to be statements and not axioms at all.

The new 4 axioms are concise and their self-evident nature seems unquestionable–except perhaps for the first axiom. I realise that the first axiom is the most contentious, as most wouldn’t even consider or question that “there might not be a God”; I assert specifically that “there is no God” at all and that this point is axiomatic. The first axiom represents the foundation of my overall philosophy, and the remaining three axioms rest on the assertion of the first axiom.


The Previous 4 Axioms

1. Human progress has always relied on the acquisition and dissemination of ideas/information.

2. The technology developed by humans is a direct result of the acquisition and dissemination of ideas/information that is synthesised by the mind as knowledge.

3. As much as ideas/information and human knowledge aids us in creating new technologies, the new technologies that are created also assist in expanding human consciousness.

4. All forms of media-technology/information must be held in high regard, as they are the primary methods for people to exchange knowledge and develop cognitively.

These 4 axioms are the driving force behind this site. All of the content on this site will be derived from these 4 self-evident truths. Some might argue that these are not really axioms. That they are merely assumptions. When I was first developing this site this point crossed my mind as well, and I was going to name the site 4assumptions. However, assumption implies supposition, conjecture, hypothesis, or belief. There is uncertainty in an assumption, but if we consider the contemporary world in which we live it is obvious that these are 4 axioms. I don’t see how they can be refuted.

Note: Admittedly, I can be arrogant, but my arrogance does not eclipse my awareness that I’m not the first person to have thought of these things regarding ideas, information, knowledge, and the mind.  Am I the first person to assert these things as axioms? Probably not, as I’m sure that any thinking person could have come to 4 similar self-evident truths on his or her own. Regardless, my aim was not to formulate a new set of propositions, but rather it was to create a site that has impetus and would be relevant to the postmodern–or modern–times in which we live. The 4 axioms provide a solid foundational framework from which to work. I believe that the 4 axioms will help add continuity between the varying subject matter on the site, and that I will be able to provide a higher calibre of interesting content as a result.

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